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I am a little more than six months into the project at this point.  I am fairly pleased with my progress even though two months of that time was spent building the trailer.  Also, May is a very busy month for me at work so I won't be able to devote much time to the Cabin Skiff and it's killing me - I really want to get back at it.  Last week I was on a flight  to Nevada  that departed from St. Louis, Mo.  As we left the flight path paralleled the Missouri river - one of the rivers at the top of my list to explore in the CS. Looking down I really wished I was there. Someday! But  for now I am happy with where I am with the project and the "look" that is developing.  I will continue building as soon as my schedule allows.  June should be better!

Lately I have been working in the area around the transom fabricating the storage boxes. There is an area about 7" deep over my fuel tanks that I had designed in as storage for bumpers, ropes, etc.  I wanted a hinged lid on these to make them easy to access.  I used 1 1/2" aluminum continuous hinge attached to a plywood lid and having them swing to the sides seemed the best choice.

The extension of the side decks across the transom (aft decks?) needed to be wider than I had hoped in order to accommodate the steering cable. My first thought was to just box them and let it go but then I realized there was a nice storage area going to waste on the port side. I decided to add a bottom and hinge a lid along the aft edge.  This should make a good spot to store the transom hold down straps when off the trailer and I will probably keep ropes for mooring here too.

Moving back forward I added the two boxes constructed from 3/4" plywood that serve as the seat bases and storage.  The port side lid is split and will hinge to the rear and swing back with the seat attached for access.  The starboard box is open on the side to allow a portable head to slide under. My first thought was to fiberglass these to the sole and inside of the hull but I decided to glue cleats to the sole and hull and attach them with screws. 

There were several reasons for this.  First, since I had used 3/4" plywood with interior cleats at the junctions the boxes were much more rigid than I had thought they would be.  Second,  I plan to paint the boxes but carpet the sole and sides.  This will be easier if I can just remove the boxes and lay the carpet rather than trying to cut around them.  Third, because of my problem with the reaction to the epoxy I am trying to avoid it when it is practical (the inside of the hull was encapsulated with epoxy before I stitched the hull). 

As I mentioned before I have made several major modifications to Glenn-L's design. Although I am not done yet I am already second guessing some of their wisdom.  Not that I wouldn't change things but MAYBE I would should have done it different.  One item of concern has been the addition of the fuel tanks at the transom. The two feet lengthening of the hull will help shift weight forward but will there still be too much weight there and will it cause a problem coming up on plane? That's a good question.

Now that I can stand back and look at the entire boat I wonder if I should have used the boxes under the seats as the area for the fuel tanks and moved the bulk storage to the transom?  Fuel fills on each side through the forward deck would allow filling and fuel lines could have run under the rear decks from each tank to the outboard.  I don't think I would have wanted to run a connecting hose between the two below the sole because it would not be accessible for repair.  But then again a 6" or 8" deck plate could have been added on each side to allow access to the connections. 

If the CS handles the weight of the fuel OK then I like what I have done as I prefer the fuel at the rear.  Actually at speed it it is better there BUT you have to get on plane first. If it doesn't handle it there - well - I guess I screwed up!  Right now I am thinking It will be OK but time will tell.

Also, if the tanks were below the seats I could have made the storage areas at the transom lower and the lids could have served as rear seats.  As it is they are too high off the sole and it makes it somewhat uncomfortable to sit on them.  Lower would be better or then again maybe I am just too short!.

Port storage boxes at transom.

Starboard aft deck & steering cable.

Helm with guage posistions marked.

Control mounted on cabin side