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The Galley

Just aft of the helm seat is the galley. I tried to incorporate as much storage here as possible yet still maintain a functional design. You may note one thing missing is a cook top of some type. There was ample countertop space to accommodate one but I decided against it. Our experience with campers had guided this omission. Since the majority of the boat’s use is during the hot summer months adding additional cooking heat in the saloon makes no sense to me.


 I purchased a portable single burner butane unit and when needed can be used outside in the cockpit.  Can't add any comments about is as we haven't used it yet.  In addition, we will have a propane grill that can also be used in the cockpit. Between the two I feel our cooking needs will be met and the heat released outside where it belongs.


Another area lacking in the boats I had previously owned was the lack of a designated area for trash. I felt building in a trash receptacle was important and decided on a slide out unit in the galley cabinets. 


On the left side of the galley are several utility systems. Mounted in the small rack are a 12v outlet, the battery charger monitor and the propane alarm system. The alarm system has two sensors - one in the saloon and one at the lowest point of the bilge - and will automatically shut off the tank is a leak is detected.  To the left of those is the 120v breaker panel, outlets for shore power and inverter power. Below the outlets is the remote switch to turn off and on the 1500-watt inverter.

Farther down is a switch to turn on the bilge vent fan and below that a vent to allow heat from the battery charger to escape the cabinet. 


On the starboard side on the countertop we store the LCD 19” TV. Using small bungee cords it is held against the bulkhead for protection. To use it is just released and sits on the countertop. In the past year or so the power requirements for these LCD TVs has dropped considerably. Before I installed the large inverter we run this one off a tiny 70-watt inverter that plugged onto a cigarette lighter type receptacle.  


Opposite the galley is the table. One of our design goals was to have comfortable seating for relaxing. These cloth covered office type chairs swivel, have adjustable height and will tilt back. We find them much inviting than bench type seats.  Although they can't be seen, behind the chairs are built in racks for books and magazines. 



Below the saloon deck there are also two large storage areas. We have an 8’ inflatable dingy that will be kept in one of them.