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The following are just various photos and descriptions of several items I thought might be of interest.

One of the modifications I decided on was to make the side windows sliding rather than fixed. The reason was two fold.  The first was to provide some additional ventilation and the second was to allow access to attach the fender.  I can say I am pleased with the access to hanging the fender.  It really needed to be attached forward of the cabin but walking down the deck and bending down to hang it didn't seem very a convenient.  Now I can simply slide the rear section of the window forward and reach out and hang it in place.  This really helps when I am by myself. 

As for ventilation it was a bust.  Very little air enters from the side no matter if it is the front or the rear section open.  One plus is it is nice to open the rear section and hang your arm out while resting it on the frame.  Like driving you car with the window down.

Here is a close up view of the homemade portlight.  I am pleased with the end result. It doesn't open but it does allow me to take a look at the outside world when in the berth. The 1/8" plywood mounting ring made for a pretty clean installation and lots cheaper than factory units.

I thought this might be of interest to other builders.  The plastic track I bought from West Marine to install the sliding windows has worked quite well.  It holds the 1/4" lexan firmly enough that it doesn't rattle or move on it's own but still slides easily.  Also, by insetting it flush with outside of the cabin wall and taking care to make very accurate miter cuts it makes a very professional looking installation.