Cabin Interior #2


Here you can see the space I created behind the helm seat back to house the 120V AC system.


The panel mounted in position.


I fabricated this panel from a scrap piece of aluminum plate.  I used a computer drawing program to layout the exact location of the holes and printed it. It was then temporarily glued to the plate and center punched for drilling.  Once done drilling the paper was removed and the plate was painted white.  I ordered a special transfer paper that allowed me to print the lettering with an inkjet printer and applied them to the panel.  This was a tedious process but I was pleased with the end result.


Access to the breakers is achieved by removing the seat back.


The panel is roughed out with white oak trim.  A printed template of the switch arrangement is crudely taped to the bulkhead. The panel is rather large but someday, if win the lottery, I would love to have a 10" multi function display mounted there. The wheel is mounted on the BayStar hydraulic steering pump.  I went with hydraulic steering because I do plan to have an autopilot.  The wheel is mounted low.  This was a personal preference as I did not want to be looking at the panel through the wheel but over it.  My hands will normally just rest on the top.


On the port side the first mate's seat is similar to the helm seat.  This photo was taken standing in the berth looking aft.


I built-in a sliding pantry with storage on both sides.  The small cut-out  above is for and AM/FM/CD Player.


All the way aft on the port side (opposite the shower) is the refrigerator. Its decorative front panel has been removed to prevent damage when building.  The refrigerator is mounted high because the cooling unit must vent outdoors and venting it through the cabin wall made more sense than the hull. In a normal galley layout the refrig would have been on the galley side but I decided because the gasoline tank fills are on the starboard I wanted the refrig and the combustion that comes with it FAR away from the gasoline and its fumes.  The six gallon electric water heater is mounted in the cabinet below the refrigerator.