Answer to my question.......

Hi Ray,
You commented on the boats along Barataria.  They are shrimp boats.  Some folks own several and shrimp offshore sometimes for a week or two at a time.  My ex-wife's uncle ran two shrimp boats out of Morgan City, LA and made a very good living.....nice home, they always drove Cadillacs, etc.  Some people work at regular jobs and shrimp on the side during the inshore open seasons.  The boats you saw were Lafitte Skiffs.  They are mainly used inshore, and a lot of them are flat bottomed or have a little Vee in the front.  If you saw some of the big boats......high sides, etc., those were the off shore boats.  The Lafitte Skiffs are usually powered by 454 Chevys or 455 Olds engines and will run in excess of 50 mph normally.
The No Wake signs are not legal unless posted by a government agency and will have the Law or Ordinance number on the sign.  If they don't, the folks putting up the sign are actually breaking the law.
Just wanted to give you a little info.  I enjoyed your article and I had looked at info. on your boat a couple of years ago, but ended up building a 17' center console stitch & glue design from  I enjoyed reading your article.
Richard Warner
Covington, Louisiana